Who We Are and What We Do

As parents, grandparents, and school volunteers, we know of many challenges being faced by parents, grandparents, educators, and other professionals who work hard to help children develop the knowledge, habits, and skills so necessary for the child’s success and happiness in school and all the years that will follow.  Now retired and living our second adulthoods, we have committed ourselves to working hard at doing something worthwhile to help children become all that they can be.  To that end, we are happy with and humbled by the many positive responses to our company, website, and blog that we have named Parenting My Kids.  

In addition, we have created a capable tool that supports childhood development of critical Executive Functioning Skills – the ability to focus, pay attention, initiate action, plan, organize, set priorities, follow directions, manage time, complete an assignment, and strengthen working memory.  Our first products are called Folders for Focusing and are also known as Please Don’t Bug Me Folders for Focusing.  

We intend to provide meaningful content on a frequent basis, will do our best to keep it well organized, and will hold on to the best as our library of important resources grows.  So visit often.

Blessings to all.

May you have a wonderful day!
– Ed and Nancy Ekis, Founders



Finding and sharing useful, best-in-class information to support parents, grandparents, educators, and other professionals who help children learn and develop essential habits and skills for living a successful life.

Creating products that can help children develop Executive Functioning Skills. These include skills related to focus, paying attention, organization, planning, following directions, time management, and task completion.

Sharing your stories of action and success with your own children or those that you teach.

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