9 Facts about Helping Your Child Do Better – Building Stronger Executive Functioning Skills

Feb 13, 2020

9 Facts About Helping Your Child Do Better by Building Capable Executive Functioning Skills


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  1. Executive Functioning Skills are very important in today’s world and they will be needed for a lifetime.


  1. Parents are a child’s first teachers. Parents can do a lot to promote the development of Executive Functioning Skills and other positive habits long before children ever start school.


  1. Children are not born with these skills but can learn them rapidly when provided with opportunities to develop them at a very young age.


  1. All children can learn and benefit from Executive Functioning Skills no matter what developmental stage they are at.


  1. Building a strong set of Executive Functioning Skills will help a child succeed in school and manage his or her future.


  1. In our complex world, a child’s constant exposure to an environment of uncontrolled distractions can have harmful and damaging consequences.


  1. Schools and community groups who work with children can strongly reinforce the development of these skills.   


  1. Executive functioning skills should be used and practiced on a regular basis. Doing this is no different than learning to walk or throw a ball. Children will improve their skills over time with practice.  PRACTICE IS POWER!  Insist on it.


  1. Our list of tips and how to do’s can easily be used by Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, and other teaching professionals.  Many of the activities are lots of fun.