Increasing A Child’s Ability To Succeed

Knowing how to focus and maintain concentration on a single activity is a very important skill that greatly increases a child’s ability to succeed – first in school and then later in life. While every child can improve their ability to focus and pay attention, doing this comes easy for some children but too often presents a real challenge for many others.

Fortunately, with awareness and knowledge, parents, speech-language pathologists, teachers, and other professionals can help children develop stronger neural pathways that support a greater ability to focus, pay attention, initiate action, plan, organize, set priorities, follow directions, manage time, complete an assignment, and strengthen working memory. These skills are commonly referred to as Executive Functioning Skills. All children can benefit from stronger EFS skills. Key success factors include adult encouragement, coaching, regular practice, and using tools designed to help nurture these skills.

“When children have opportunities to develop executive function and self-regulation skills, individuals and society experience lifelong benefits. These skills are crucial for learning and development.”

Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child

Our very own product called Folders for Focusing is a powerful but simple tool for helping children develop many of these habits and skills. Used at home and in school, and more commonly called Please Don’t Bug Me folders, each of six kid-friendly designs are used by children to reduce distractions and create their own quiet space as they do homework, read, write, draw, and do other activities that help them learn and develop.

Kids love their folders, think they’re fun, and soon use them on their own when sitting down to do their work.  The inclusion of two internal dry erase boards has resulted in the generation of many special uses by classroom teachers, parents, grandparents, special education teachers, speech-language pathologists, special education teachers, and others.

While virtually all children can improve their Executive Functioning Skills with regular use and practice with Folders for Focusing, many children with ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, or other special needs can often benefit the most.

Key Messages Include

  • Practice is Power!
  • Bee the best you can be!
  • Brain under construction!
  • You can learn to do anything!
  • Be curious! Ask questions!
  • Chase your dreams!

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