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Improving A Child’s Ability To Focus

Folders For Focusing

Welcome to our landing page for leaders of childhood and family service organizations. The really good work that you do is so important to many Americans, especially at a time when government support is being reduced in so many areas.

At Parenting My Kids, we are thankful to be aligned so far with several service organizations. They are doing a lot to help children develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in school and throughout their lives.

One is an Illinois service organization that provides transitional housing, mentoring, and support services to homeless families and their children. One of those services is a volunteer program of certified teachers who offer free homework and tutoring support to the children. A gift of 225 Folders for Focusing from a local supporter has been a very helpful tool for many of these kids. Often used in a group setting, the folders foster a calming environment, reduced visual distractions, greater concentration, and improved task completion.  In the process, stronger neural connections are being made that will help strengthen and sustain these new habits.

Child Development Tools

Another organization provided 960 Folders for Focusing in the summer of 2017 that were included in gifted backpacks of summer activities and therapy tools for underprivileged children. They just ordered another 756 Folders for Focusing.

Folders for Focusing are tools that support childhood development of Executive Functioning Skills. They are attractive and sturdy tri-folds that provide privacy space for use at home or in school.  Two dry erase boards offer easy ways to provide visual cues such as directions, to-do lists, and reminders.

By using the folders on a regular basis, teachers, parents, and staff persons can help children strengthen their ability to focus, pay attention, organize, plan, set priorities, get the work done, and improve their working memory. Common adult observations of students who use the folders include a calming effect, reduced distractions, and greater productivity.

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