Children on the Autism Spectrum

Improving A Child’s Ability To Focus

Folders For Focusing

For many children on the autism spectrum, assistance with improving their Executive Functioning Skills can be very beneficial. These skills include being able to better focus, pay attention, organize, initiate action, follow directions, manage time, and complete a task.

An array of tools, medications, and counseling exist to help these children do better in school and in life.
Among these is a new tool called Folders for Focusing that is being rapidly employed in home, schools, and therapy centers to help children build the neural pathways and habits of Executive Functioning that can make a real difference in their lives.

Child Development Tools

Folders for Focusing are attractive and sturdy tri-fold therapy tools that provide a cubby or privacy space for use at home or in school. Kids love them and are excited to use them as they often induce some kind of calming effect on many children.  Two internal dry-erase boards offer easy ways for Mom, Dad, teachers, SLP’s, etc to provide close-in visual cues such as directions, to-do lists, and important reminders. Folders for Focusingare available in six styles and are used mostly by children from about 4 – 10 years old.

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