Improving A Child’s Ability To Focus

Folders For Focusing

Record numbers of grandparents are very actively involved today in helping raise their grandchildren or frequently looking after them. The joys of course are many but the challenges can be significant too.

One of the issues reported by many grandparents of children from about 4 – 10 years old involves sitting down together to do homework. With any more than one child at the kitchen table doing their homework, distractions are common, sibling rivalries can cause inattention and heightened emotions, and grandparents have to work hard to maintain some kind of order and purpose.

Plop one of our sturdy Folders for Focusing in front of each the kids, and very often a little miracle happens. Kids get quieter, the whole room seems calmer, and kids actually get to work as long as they know what’s expected. Grandparents gain some freedom to help those with a question, and the frequency of questions from the kids is reduced when one of the white boards is used to list their assignments and priorities.

Child Development Tools

Regular use of the folders can become a lifetime habit that helps a lot of kids stay focused and become more productive.

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