Based on U.S. census data, there are about 25 million children in the United States between the ages of 5 – 10 years. From that number, Internet search results suggest that 3 – 4% of all school age children in the country are schooled at home, or from 75,000 – 100,000 home schooled children between the ages of 5 – 10. Many of them, like children everywhere, can benefit from a strong focus and regular practice on the development of Executive Functioning Skills. Folders for Focusing may be one of the tools of great value to assist them with this goal.

In addition, it is estimated that between 8 – 10% of home-schooled children have learning disabilities or other needs that make development of Executive Functioning Skills an even bigger challenge. Folders for Focusing has an even better fit for these kids. Please take a look at our Gallery of Photos to see how others are using the folders to their child’s advantage.

Homework is the biggie here, and as homeschool Mothers and Fathers, you know that parental leadership is needed to help your children develop the habits and skills needed to do a good job with homework. Many of these are the same skills needed to have a set of strong Executive Functioning Skills that they will use every day for the rest of their lives. Folders for Focusing can make a big difference as a child learns to focus, pay attention, organize, set priorities, initiate action, stay on task, complete the work, and increase working memory. The cost of participation is usually less than one Starbuck’s coffee.

With any more than one child at the kitchen table doing their homework, distractions are common, kicking and calling each other names, or whatever can play havoc on Mom or Dad insisting that they be quiet and do their work.

Put some of our sturdy folders in front of them though, and most often a little miracle happens. Kids get quieter, the whole room seems calmer, and kids actually get to work as long as they know what’s expected. Parents gain some freedom to help those with a question and the frequency of questions from the kids is reduced when one of the white boards is used to list their assignments and priorities.

Regular use of the folders rapidly becomes a habit that helps a lot of kids stay focused and become more productive.

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