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Improving A Child’s Ability To Focus

Folders For Focusing

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On this website, we encourage you to consider sharing the news about Folders for Focusing. These are simple but powerful tools used by children to help them improve their ability to focus, pay attention, organize, plan, stay on task, manage time, and complete an assignment. These are so-called Executive Functioning Skills and every child can gain by practicing these skills just as with any other skill. Folders for Focusing are a welcome addition in many educational settings — around the kitchen table with siblings, elementary school classrooms, and homeschool groups. They are also employed as therapy tools by occupational therapists, special education teachers, and speech-language pathologists.

Used at home and in school, Folders for Focusing are attractive and sturdy tri-folds that provide privacy (or cubby) space for any child who is doing homework or just needs a little bit of quiet with fewer distractions. Using Folders for Focusing on a very regular basis often induces a calming effect on the child that promotes improvements in behavior control, listening, paying attention, and productivity. Two internal dry-erase boards provide ample space for writing directions, making a list of to-do’s, and practicing arithmetic and spelling. The close-at-hand visual cues are a real blessing for many children.

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Please take a closer look than you might normally take because you may be able to help some kids in a big way. Free shipping is provided on all order sizes, mix and match any of the six styles as you wish, and prices drop with increasing volume. Thank you.

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