Improving A Child’s Ability To Focus

Folders For Focusing

Parenting – “no greater responsibility, no greater privilege” – filled with challenges at a time in our history when Moms and Dads are bombarded with so many responsibilities. We see it all first hand through our children and grandchildren.

Teaching a child to do their homework is one of those important challenges. While some argue that kids are asked to do too much homework, it is what it is for now. Kids need parental leadership to develop the habits and skills needed to do a good job with homework. These include strong Executive Functioning Skills that they can use every day for the rest of their lives. Executive Function skills include the ability to focus, pay attention, organize, plan, follow directions, manage time, and complete the task.

To that end, we have created a tool that is helping children throughout the U.S. develop these skills. Useful at home and in school, Folders for Focusing are attractive and sturdy tri-folds that provide a privacy space (cubby) where distractions are reduced and calm is induced. Two internal dry-erase boards offer easy ways to post directions, make to-do lists, and practice arithmetic and spelling. Kids from 4 – 10 years old love them! And some children with ADHD or on the Austism Spectrum respond very favorably to using Folders for Focusing.

With any more than one child at the kitchen table doing their homework, distractions are common, little turf battles can cause emotional upsets, and Mom and Dad are challenged to quiet the kids so they can do their work.

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Put one of our sturdy folders in front of each child, and most often a little miracle happens. Kids get quieter, the whole room seems calmer, and kids actually get to work as long as they know what’s expected. Parents gain some freedom to help those with a question, and the frequency of questions is reduced when one of the white boards is used to list their assignments and priorities.

Regular, consistent use of Folders for Focusing can help form useful Executive Functioning habits for a lifetime.

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