PTA PTO and Home & School Associations throughout America do so much really good work in supporting their local school, its teachers, and their students. And Folders for Focusing provides several helping opportunities for you and other leaders in your group in your PTA PTO or Home & School Associations.

  • Gifting to teachers and their students for their use at school
  • Gifting to children for their use at home while doing homework
  • Offering the folders during a fund raising event.

Because the cost per folder is small and decreases with increasing volume (see price list under Shop), they make a very welcome and affordable gift to teachers and their students in grades K – 4, special education classes, and for use by school Speech-Language Pathologists.  Orders can be of any size and mix of the six styles and shipping is free on all order quantities.

In regular classrooms, Folders for Focusing are most often used as privacy shields during testing and assessments. Teachers like these a lot because they are attractive, durable, sturdy, and can often be stored in the student’s desk. Another purpose is using the two internal dry erase boards as an area for practice – arithmetic, drawing, printing, spelling, etc. And some children ask permission to use Folders for Focusing as a personal and comfortable cubby that offers a calming privacy space in which they can do quiet time work and writing with less distractions. These uses provide great opportunities to help strengthen Executive Functioning Skills.  “To-do lists” and instructions can easily be printed on one the dry erase boards to provide visual cues to the student.

At home, Folders for Focusing is an ideal tool to help kids focus and improve their Executive Functioning Skills. Especially in those homes with more than one child doing homework around the kitchen table, Folders for Focusing is a great sibling privacy barrier that often reduces turf battles. It’s actually amazing in many cases how quiet it can get when each child sets their folder up in front of them and get right to work.  PTA or PTO contributions of this kind often bring families and schools closer together.

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