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Improving A Child’s Ability To Focus

Folders For Focusing

Religious affiliated schools and organizations that work with children can use Folders for Focusing to teach good habits and skills that help strengthen Executive Functioning Skills.

Privacy barriers or privacy shields are used by classroom teachers in thousands of schools throughout America during testing and assessments. Currently, their primary purpose is to keep wandering eyes on their own work and not their neighbors. We’ve heard from numerous teachers, however, that there are two primary drawbacks to most of the privacy barriers they have used. Many simply are not of sufficient strength to stand up on a small student desk without being frequently bumped onto the floor which can be very distracting to others. And, most suppliers require minimum order quantities that often exceeds need. Folders for Focusing have been capably designed and tested to hold up to the normal rigors of an elementary school classroom. They are sturdy and can be ordered in any quantity and mix of the six versions as desired.

We have learned though that in standard classroom environments, Folders for Focusing are frequently used at times other than testing or assessments by children who simply prefer a bit of solitude and calm. They get this by working inside their little Folders for Focusing cubby during teacher expected alone times when they are either writing or doing creative work.

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In some of the same classrooms, Folders for Focusing are being used on a regular basis to help kids strengthen their Executive Functioning Skills. These include their ability to focus, pay attention, initiate action, organize, plan, set priorities, get the job done, manage time, and improve their working memory. Frequent use and practice in the classroom usually induces a calming effect, reduced distractions, and greater productivity.

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