Welcome to our landing page for the school principal.  As the one who sets the tone for what your school is doing, you are encouraged to read about a simple therapy and educational tool that is inexpensive, easy to implement, of high value to children when used on a regular basis, and loved by both children and teachers.  Regular use strongly supports development of Executive Functioning Skills.

Schools with teachers who use privacy barriers for assessments and testing will probably find our Folders for Focusing to be a more useful and economical choice.   They are sturdy, durable tri-folds that fit nicely on smaller desks common to most elementary schools.  Folders for Focusing are often used at other times by children who simply prefer a bit of solitude and calm.  They get this by working inside their little Folders for Focusing cubby during teacher expected alone times when they are either writing or doing creative work.

And for schools with a focus on the development of strong Executive Functioning Skills, two dry erase boards on the inside of all Folders for Focusing offer a wide variety of uses by your Special Education Teachers and Speech-Language Pathologists.  Frequent use and practice in the classroom almost always induces a calming effect, reduced distractions, and greater productivity.

Shipping is free on all orders, you can order in any amount and mix of the six available styles, and there are numerous quantity breaks available.  And if money is an issue as it often is, call on your school’s business partners to help you fund what can be a real helpful boost to a lot of your kids.  For a school with 300 children from Kindergarten to 5th grade, outfit every child for $675.  Appoint a champion to make the program a habit worth having (with our support), and hurray for you – another bold and useful initiative.

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