Special Education Teachers

Improving A Child’s Ability To Focus

Folders For Focusing

Special Education Teachers have such a demanding but rewarding career as they work hard to help persons with disabilities develop workable habits and skills that can improve their lives. Among these are so-called Executive Functioning Skills. These include a greater ability to focus, pay attention, initiate work, organize, plan, set priorities, keep on task, complete projects, and improve working memory.

A valuable assist is Folders for Focusing, a capable new therapy tool that supports childhood development of Executive Functioning Skills. The folders are attractive and sturdy tri-folds that provide a privacy space or cubby in which the child can work creatively. Then, regular use of the folders often reduces distractions, induces a calming effect, helps develop stronger listening and communication skills, and improves behavior. Special education teachers can also use the two internal dry erase boards to provide visual cues and instructions that promote independence and greater productivity.

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