Speech & Language Pathologists

Improving A Child’s Ability To Focus

Folders For Focusing

Speech-Language Pathologists who work with children between the ages of about 4 to 10 years old have been the very earliest advocates and users of Folders for Focusing. We are very thankful for their leadership and encouragement. As exhibitors at several ASHA affiliated conferences, we have been welcomed and strongly encouraged by the responses from so many professionals in the field.

Speech-Language Pathologists have been the ones who have lead in the development of novel new uses for Folders for Focusing. The photos and captions shown here and in the general gallery provide unique examples of some ways these are being used. The two internal dry erase boards offer easy ways to provide visual cues that are often so help to children with ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, and other special needs. Children who use Folders for Focusing on a regular basis often benefit from a calming response, reduced distractions, increased focus, and positive changes in their ability to behave, communicate, listen, organize, plan, and complete assigned work.

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