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Testimonials speak specifically to the uses and benefits of our Please Don’t Bug Me Folders for Focusing. We welcome all comments on your experience and hope to hear from you at ed@parentingmykids.com.

Gabriella Dixon

Creator of TeachingSpecialThinkers.com and Special Education Teacher, Lewisburg, North Carolina

Educators learn early that children will develop more rapidly with a capable arrangement of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic approaches to learning.

“Folders for Focusing” from Parenting My Kids support each of those three requirements. In one model of their use,

  • The parent/teacher instructs the child verbally as to the directions for the individual folder.
  • The instructions are visually written and observed by the child on the prepared dry erase panels,
  • The child is provided time to work independently to do the work, either on the furnished white board or on separate paper or worksheet.

Children who use the Folders for Focusing “cubbies” very often are clearly more relaxed and quieter instead of being so distracted by the nearly constant bombardment of information and messages in today’s hectic world. Why is this so? How does a child’s demeanor often change so much through us of Folders for Focusing? Here’s what I think is true.

  • It is simple to use, creates a calming response, and helps the child focus, pay attention, follow directions, and complete the task.
  • The teacher/parent and child meld into a “trusting team for learning”, making sure that advancement is made each and every time the folder is used.
  • When a child’s cortisol levels are elevated by the constant barrage of noise from the outside world, the opportunity for a relaxing mindfulness session in the self-space provided by “Please Don’t Bug Me” folders is appealing to children of all ages.

The dry erase boards provided inside Parenting My Kids folders support echolalic-style learning. The teacher/parent uses the first educational white board to enhance the lesson presented, and the second white board is used by the child to do the lesson. Repetition increases cognitive understanding by means of effortless memory.

Lonnie Comsia Coppock

Author of TUB Swimming and Owner of Ms. Lonnie GYMSTERS, Mesa, Arizona

We still use the folders for homework. I just set up the three stations (even the 23 month old has to have one) before they get home from school and they sit in their spot and start homework. I like it because it removes the stress of me being a watchdog because they are boys and like to pick on each other. Some days one or the other doesn’t have homework and I still put up the folders and they get to color or read or do dot to dot or something. Hope things are going well with that. Megan used hers even when a friend came over after school and he used it too. Kids think it’s cool.

Monika Werner

Grandmother, Naperville, Illinois

Erik, the grandson of one of our most loyal SLPs, has this to say about how he uses Folders for Focusing to his advantage.


Age 7, New York

As a first grade teacher, I use Folders for Focusing during whole group test taking and small group instruction. These folders help students keep their eyes on their own paper while providing additional workspace with the two dry erase sections. I am now getting more accurate assessment data thanks to these folders!

My students love using the Folders for Focusing when taking tests. They enjoy the variety of designs and bright colors these folders bring to our classroom.

These folders are kid friendly! They have dry erase sections that can be used by adults to write task lists, behavior goals, or encouraging feedback. These sections can also be used by kids to show their work, increase their ability to self-monitor, and even provide an immediate brain break opportunity when needed.

Amanda Greenwood

1st Grade Teacher, Oswego, Illinois

We have two grandchildren who come to our house often after school when their parents are working. They do their homework at a special table in our kitchen and both use a Folder for Focusing to create little privacy space. It works quite well. Both are quieter, seem to focus more intently, and produce higher quality work. These would have been very useful when I was a teacher.

Jennifer Huntsberger

Grandmother and Retired Teacher, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Folders For Focusing is a three-sided, economical product that helps build your student’s executive functioning skills using a fun, engaging, portable “desk.” At primary students’ fingertips are ways to encourage independence, sustain focus, record/organize ideas, and plan multi-step strategies, in order to encourage execution of daily or long-term assignments at home and/or in the classroom. This product can help grow a child’s self esteem as evidenced by multiple successes they have experienced.

Judi Buckman


As a classroom teacher, when it’s time for me to call out: “It’s test time! Please take out a folder or a book or something to protect your work!” I cringe! What happens next is mishmash (dictionary definition – “a confused mixture”) on the students’ desks. One student will pull out a flimsy workbook. Another pulls out a pocket folder that only covers two-thirds of her test, so she pulls out a second folder and tries to construct a tri-fold wall made up of two folders that are also filled with papers! Papers fold over, some fall out. Students get frustrated with other students little Empire state Buildings falling onto their desks. The students are distracted. AHHHHH! No more!

I found the perfect solution with great amenities!! Please Don’t Bug Me Folders for Focusing! These folders are perfection. The ease of having a uniform folder that each student knows to pull out saves so much time. No more nightmares of students building mini-camping tents on their desks. The utility of the tri-fold component is perfection! These folders isolate and cover each student’s work and protect it from neighbors’ eyes and increase the worker’s attention to detail on the task at hand. One of my students’ favorite features is the panels that can be written on with dry-erase pens; this allows me and my students to customize with no limits. For example, I have had my students write quick lists for checking their tests after working. I have even had my students use these when they are silently reading at their desks. I have had students write big ideas and themes on the dry-erase panels. This gives them a reminder to look for as they read. These folders give them a distraction free little reading space right at their desk!

I wish I had owned these Folders for Focusing years ago! Such a simple, but sophisticated tool that enhances my classroom management and adds efficiency to each one of my student’s learning and work production. I love these folders!

Melissa Cohen

Teacher, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Please don’t Bug Me Folders” — a new tool for Speech-Language Pathologists to use in the Therapy Room and when collaborating with teachers in the Classroom.

Specific benefits were discovered using the “Please Don’t Bug Me Folders” when working with students in Self Contained Classrooms as well as in Autism Classrooms. In addition to providing a private space with reduced distractions, the 2 dry erase panels provide instructional support through the use of Visual/Printed Cues.

Printed directions can be tailored to individual student abilities and needs. This type of visual support increases student focus and comprehension for completing a sequence of steps. The student is more successful in independently completing work with less need for repeated verbal and physical prompts. Communication and self control strategies can also be reinforced and written on the dry erase panels. The “Please Don’t Bug Me Folders” can be effectively used to visually structure learning tasks, for Regular Education as well as Special needs students, in order to increase their classroom success and independence.

Kate Becker Dailey

Speech-Language Pathologist, Panama City Beach, Florida

Hi Melissa,

Thank you so much for giving me a set of Please Don’t Bug Me Folders, they are so cool! They will be put to great use with my Kindergarten class. The
concept of private work was foreign to them, so these will be so helpful with that transition.

They will be used quite often to get an accurate gauge on what my students know and help them stay focused, without looking on their neighbor’s paper.
They are a perfect size, durable, and will fit perfectly on the desk without bothering their neighbor. I also love the quotes and how decorative they are; I will have them for years. The additional write and wipe element of the Please Don’t Bug Me Folders, is priceless for fast finishers!!! The folders are amazing and thanks for sharing!


Tina DeMilio

Kindergarten Teacher, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Last year I used the Folder for Focusing. I would write my schedule on the white board to create time for each subject, chore, and break. This way I was able to be prepared for each subject, knowing what I had planned to do. I would focus on only one subject at a time, and once finished with it, could move on to the next. It helped to block out distractions, and keep me on track with my studies. On the other white board, I was able to jot down notes and draw. I could jot down problems for math and erase them.

David Roer

Age 9, Panama City, Florida