Using Please Don’t Bug Me Folders in the Classroom

Jun 15, 2017

As a classroom teacher, when it’s time for me to call out: “It’s test time!  Please take out a folder or a book or something to protect your work!” I cringe!  What happens next is mishmash (dictionary definition – “a confused mixture”) on the students’ desks.  One student will pull out a flimsy workbook.  Another pulls out a pocket folder that only covers two-thirds of her test, so she pulls out a second folder and tries to construct a tri-fold wall made up of two folders that are also filled with papers!  Papers fold over, some fall out.  Students get frustrated with other students little Empire state Buildings falling onto their desks.  The students are distracted.  AHHHHH!  No more!

I found the perfect solution with great amenities!!  Please Don’t Bug Me Folders for Focusing!  These folders are perfection.  The ease of having a uniform folder that each student knows to pull out saves so much time.  No more nightmares of students building mini-camping tents on their desks.  The utility of the tri-fold component is perfection!  These folders isolate and cover each student’s work and protect it from neighbors’ eyes and increase the worker’s attention to detail on the task at hand.  One of my students’ favorite features is the panels that can be written on with dry-erase pens; this allows me and my students to customize with no limits.  For example, I have had my students write quick lists for checking their tests after working. I have even had my students use these when they are silently reading at their desks.  I have had students write big ideas and themes on the dry-erase panels.  This gives them a reminder to look for as they read. These folders give them a distraction free little reading space right at their desk!

I wish I had owned these Folders for Focusing years ago!  Such a simple, but sophisticated tool that enhances my classroom management and adds efficiency to each one of my student’s learning and work production.  I love these folders!